At Dayton High School, there is one class that inspires students to become both inventors and entrepreneurs, the Innovation 101 class. The class is taught by Patrick Verdun and takes place in the new i3 Center. This class challenges students to think for themselves and to develop skills that they can use for the rest of their life. In it, students learn skills like programing, 3D printing and prototype design and manufacturing.

A Dayton High School student preparing a gel to use for molding a prototype shoe sole.

“One of the projects we have done that could be used in real life was the shoe sole project,”  according to one student. “We, as a class, designed shoe soles, casted and molded them, tested them, then even sent some of our design drawings to Nike.”

In the advanced innovation classes, students have the opportunity to pursue these skills even further. Some have even designed their own projects for the semester. By choosing their own projects, students’ passions help drive them to be successful.

The innovation classes use agile learning to teach students to be forward-thinking and helps them develop creative confidence. In an ever advancing world, these skills and mindsets will be necessary in both the workplace and at home.