Unleashing the Creative Genius of our Community

Bringing the Future to Dayton


Bringing the Future to Dayton

Innovate Dayton unleashes the creative genius of our learning community by developing equitable opportunities for all students to discover their talents and skills. While empowering them to be problem solvers, we are connecting students and teachers with best practices from industry professionals to prepare them for success in our innovation economy.

We are showing students that if you can dream it, you can do it. And by empowering them to learn from failure, discover their value, and explore their passions, they are crafting their own unique learning journeys in school and beyond.


The Innovate Dayton initiative brings our school, community and businesses together to learn the skills and mindsets of innovation that are needed to drive economic growth in our region.  Here are some things people are saying:

“OnlineNW was thrilled to build our first gigabit fiber network right here in Dayton. I see all sorts of possibilities to use our services to benefit the community and to help kids learn. We want to help spur innovative ideas and work with local students!”

Kathy Tate

Chief Executive Officer, OnlineNW

“Leading workshops that inspire educators to grow a culture of innovation and equitable deeper learning, while empowering them with the resources to practice these mindsets at their schools is my passion. I’m excited to take what we learned in Dayton and support other courageous school leaders as they tap into their creative confidence and experience the joy of being change-makers.”

Jami Fluke

School Leader Ambassador, Oregon Construct Foundation

“As a civic minded parent with a career in Information Technology, I love the idea of our kids working on projects with community members and other students. This gives them hands-on learning opportunities while working to make Dayton a better place for all of us to grow, learn and live.”

Carrie Ray

Mother of two

“Seeing the Innovation program develop over my four years in high school has been incredible. Not only has the program introduced me to new skills, people, and hobbies, but I have seen my student peers — who were once uninterested in school — make the i3 Center their home.”

Cate-Lynn Jacks

2019 Graduate, Dayton High School


Innovate Dayton: A Reflection

Why did Innovate Dayton work? There is one fundamental element that is at the core of learning, which is absolutely necessary in any educational environment. That is trust. It creates the foundation for a learning culture that allows creative freedom and inspires...

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Combining Language Arts & Health at Dayton

This year, I participated in a class taught by Mrs. Thomas, called Language Arts/Health. By combining these two subject areas, I’ve been able to open up and put learning in a different perspective. In Language Arts/Health class, my student peers and I learned about...

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Cultivating a Learning Culture Through Produce: Emma’s Story

Two years ago, Dayton High School 2019 graduate Emma Monteith began to look after Dayton’s community garden. It all started when high school Health teacher Abby deSmet created the garden roughly five years ago. Then, after having witnessed Emma’s connection to it, she...

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Creating Student Educators: Hannah’s Story

As a student attending Dayton High School, I never imagined becoming an educator would teach me so much about myself. During my experience as a special learning mentor, I learned much more than I could have ever taught. I have been a peer assistant for the past two...

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Dayton’s Blog Squad

During my senior year, I have been writing and publishing weekly stories to the Innovate Dayton blog. But at the start of my second semester, I took on a new role as a leader for Dayton’s Blog Squad club where I am the team’s writing mentor and editor. The...

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Canned Food For The Soul

Over the years, I never gave much thought about charity events like canned food drives. I would donate a few cans every now and then, but it wasn’t until I was personally involved in Dayton’s annual canned food drive last year, that I discovered my...

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