Every year that Oregon does not have an earthquake, our chances for it happening exponentially grow. It’s currently expected for Oregon to experience a 9.0 magnitude earthquake within the next 50 years. Upon hearing this, Dave Fluke, a social studies teacher for Dayton High School, decided to do something about it.

Using agile learning methodologies, Fluke create the megaquake project for his 9th grade geography class. The project revolved around working together in small groups to put together a risk assessment of western Oregon as well as a risk assessment of Dayton itself. Students were required to conduct research, including interviewing experts, and create an emergency preparedness plan for the residents of Dayton, which include how to publicize the plan and relevant information to the city.

The students immediately took to the project, surprising Fluke with the work they did.

“These kids are so good at finding information,” said Fluke. “There was some stuff that I would have no idea how to find.”

One group reached out to a professor at Oregon State University and developed an email correspondence. The professor contacted them regularly with new data about the impending earthquake. Another group even started corresponding with FEMA about emergency preparedness.

At the end of the project, Fluke took the top group and they presented to Yamhill County Emergency Management (see their presentation slides in the video below.) In their findings, they found that all schools in Yamhill County did not meet the standards for earthquake preparedness. They also included steps people that should take to prepare for as well as steps afterwards the event occurs.

Overall, Fluke states that the project was a massive success. It taught students how to work on an issue that is relevant to them as well as being able to work collaboratively with their peers.



MEGA-QUAKES ~ a comprehensive presentation on local infrastructure as researched and presented by Dayton High School Students Zoe West, Grace Adams, Madison Pullen, Alejandra Vasquez and Sophia Hernandez. These students did a fantastic job in their assignment ~ thank you to each of them for their hard A+ work!

Posted by Yamhill County Emergency Management on Monday, February 13, 2017