On April 4th, The Innovate Dayton team visited Rural Oregon Day, located at the Oregon State Library. At this event rural communities came together to discuss rural problems that are common in our everyday lives. Through innovative technology and thinking, they were finding creative solutions to solve these issues.

Our goal at the event was to tell the story of Innovate Dayton. The Dayton team sent a small team consisting of Cate-lynn Jacks, Grace Adams, Marcos Romero, and their mentors Patrick Verdun, Mitch Coleman, and Thompson Morrison.

Even though our goal was to share our progress, the team had lots of fun listening and learning the different way communities solve their problems. The team was able to talk to Governor Brown and a variety of different legislators.

The governor gave a small speech that informed everyone how hard she is working to help solve the problem of education. Our job was not only to tell our story but to show our government how to reinvent education and change it for the better.

“I enjoyed meeting and speaking with important people from the state and gathering feedback on their thoughts about what we are doing here in Dayton! We were also recognized many times for taking such action at a young age, standing as the only kids at this event ” said Grace.