Our Partnership with OnlineNW

About OnlineNW

OnlineNW is a McMinnville based internet service provider which started as a dial-up company in the late 90’s. Not unlike its humble beginnings, the company is a proud supporter of small, rural companies and local school districts who are on a mission to strengthen their region’s digital connection. That’s why OnlineNW supports innovation at Dayton School District. 

The Partnership

In 2016, OnlineNW began a partnership with Innovate Dayton to construct a high-bandwidth fiber optic cable throughout the town and school district. It was then that we became only the third gigabit city in the entire state. Since then, we’ve completely re-imagined Innovation at the school district.

This ongoing partnership includes a revenue sharing agreement with Dayton School District wherein part of the revenue made from OnlineNW’s sales go directly to supporting the i3 Center and other Innovate-based projects at the school district. 

With the fastest internet speeds readily available to students at Dayton School District, OnlineNW is one of Dayton’s leading industry partners that are bringing the future to the community.



Learn more about OnlineNW fiber internet services

OnlineNW’s per month pricing is all-inclusive. This service has no term contract requirements, data caps, or termination fees. Additionally, there are no other charges for equipment rental, fees, taxes, or other ancillary charges. For more information on signing up for fiber, click the button below to go to the OnlineNW Website.

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