As walls are being torn down, progress is being made. Construction in the new i3 Center is in full force. Construction started on the 17th of November and is moving at a rapid pace. The inner walls have been removed, the floor is being stripped, and the vision is coming to life. The i3 Center is expected to be completed by the end of January.

But what is the i3 Center? The i3 Center is a custom designed multidimensional makerspace. At the heart of this building is an ideation lab where students, teachers, and community members can come together and create and solve problems. The Center enables the design a building of prototypes with both wood and metal shops so creators don’t have to put a limit to their imagination.

But what is Dayton’s next step? Our official launch of the i3 Center is going to be on the 22nd of February. We will celebrate our hard work and determination. History will be made when the whole community will come together and to embrace the new opportunities that are developing in a new,  innovation-based economy.