On March 20th, teachers and students from Dayton took a trip to Hood River led by an architect from OPSIS who is helping Dayton develop plans for the next phase of our i3 Center. He  wanted to show us an example of we could learn from. Individuality, diversity and efficiency are three areas of insight that the students gained from this trip.

Individuality. Hood River school displayed this trait by separating themselves from anything we have ever seen in a community. They took the standard of standing out, particularly with their unique programs, building structures, and science programs.

Diversity. When the Dayton students and staff approached the school it seemed from the outside as if it were very science and horticulture oriented however that assumption could not have been more wrong, as they provided so much space and opportunity for students to sprout and flourish in what they love whether it’s cooking, science, botanical studies, independent studies, it seemed as though if a student wanted something they had it.

Efficiency. The new school building that the team say lived and breathed the word efficiency whether it meant using eco-friendly power such as solar panels, or growing their own food for their culinary programs, every action they executed, they did it with the utmost efficiency.

In learning how Hood River implemented these key aspects, the team found that if we could take away even a small amount of these improvements our school and others would benefit both financially and academically.  We hope to use Hood River as an example which has been set for others to follow in their footsteps.

Story written by: Nick Pendergast, Issac Guzman