Dayton’s way of teaching has changed tremendously in the last year. We are developing an agile learning model, where students do hands-on, purpose-driven learning projects in all subjects from Math to English.

Not only are we changing our classroom experience, we are also implementing new partnerships with companies to support these new learning experiences. One important partnership is with IBM, a global computer company headquartered in New York.

We are working with IBM to pilot a web-based virtual mentoring platform, called MentorPlace, that connects industry mentors with teams of students working on projects. While this program has previously been used to support individual mentor-student relationships, this is the first time that it has been used to help the type of teams we are creating in our new i3 Center which are focused on projects that utilize agile development methodologies.

Patrick Verdun, our Innovation teacher, is going to organize a group of students that will be paired with mentors from IBM to learn mobile app development. In this pilot, we will be developing a curriculum that will be published in MentorPlace that can then be used by other students teams in the state and around the country.