Dayton is partnering with national organizations to bring new educational opportunities to its students. One of these partnerships is with Oceans of Data Institute (ODI), based in Massachusetts. ODI is a research and curriculum development organization that is dedicated to transforming education to help people succeed in school, work, and life in a data-intensive world.

ODI is working with Dayton to learn how they might be able to incorporate the agile learning model that Dayton is developing into new curriculum they are developing to teach data literacy.  

Working with a team at ODI, Mrs. Carden, a science teacher at our High School, developed a learning sprint to challenge her students to use data to learn about climate change.  Instead of lecturing them about the topic, she let her students form teams and explore in-depth questions about climate change that were important to them.


The projects the students created all had the same theme of climate change and the effect it have on the environment but they were all allowed to take their explorations in whatever direction they wanted to go.  Some of the projects that the student’s came up with included seeing the affect of global warming on Fender’s Blue Butterfly, Wolverine, and how international wine vineyards are affected compared to local vineyards.  All of these projects allowed the students to explore their own interests and passions while also gaining information on climate change.